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How To Tell If You're Obsessed With SpongeBob

I got this idea after seeing a similar webpage on another SpongeBob fan site.


1.      You're constantly watching SpongeBob, every single day.

2.      You know the name of every single episode.

3.      You even know the episode order without looking at an episode guide.

4.      You own over 30 SpongeBob items.

5.      Almost everyone you know knows SpongeBob is your favourite cartoon.

6.      You can't stop talking about SpongeBob.

7.      As soon as a new SpongeBob item is released, you go to the shops and buy it.

8.      You've seen every single episode, even the new ones.

9.      After just watching a short 2 second clip from an episode, you can tell what episode it is from.

10.    You know the words to all the SpongeBob songs.

11.    You've seen the movie loads of times.

12.    You know loads of phrases, or you know all the words in the episodes.

13.    People start saying your only hobby is watching SpongeBob.

14.   When drawing, you draw SpongeBob characters.

15.   When doing a project at School, you always make it SpongeBob related.

16.   You know what SpongeBob is called in other countries.

17.   You know the name of all the SpongeBob DVDs, and what episodes are on them.

18.   People start to get bored when you talk about SpongeBob.

19.   You know all the words in the movie.

The SpongeBob SquarePants Quiz

Test your knowledge of that absorbent, yellow and spongy guy.

1.   Who is Mr. Krabs' business rival?

a)   Plankton           b)    Karen           c)    Larry The Lobster          d)    SpongeBob


2.   What is the name of the island above Bikini Bottom?

a)   Hawaii              b)    Bikini Atoll           c)   Bermuda      d)   Shetland


3.   What day did "Help Wanted" originally air?

a)   23rd June, 2000           b)   4th March, 1998          c)   15th October,   2001       d) May 1, 1999


4.   What is SpongeBob called in France?

a)   SpongeBob SchwammKopf        b)    Bob Esponja         c)   Bob l'eponge       d)SvampBob FyrKard


5.   Who is SpongeBob's best friend?

a)   Squidward         b)   Patrick       c)    Sandy         d)     Mr. Krabs



1.  A             2.   B           3.   D          4.   C                 5.   B

SpongeBob SquarePants: Flip or Flop


These 5 SpongeBob's look the same, but all of them are different. Can you spot the real SpongeBob?

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